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Shop Policies

These are some of the policies we have enforced at the shop, for your knowledge and our safety and well being. If you have any questions about them please feel free to contact us.

Your Appointment and Booking

If you make an appointment with the shop, we have a few expectations from you as a client. 

You will be expected to pay a deposit. We will not book your appointment otherwise. This is non refundable and secures your spot. Since we are by appointment only, we do not want to run the risk of losing the time because you decided to reschedule or simply not show up. Should you need to reschedule, we would like at least 24 hours notice though this can depend on the situation. If you let us know too close to your appointment, you will be expected to pay another deposit to secure your spot. 

Eat at least 2 hours before your appointment

This is incredibly important and we WILL NOT tattoo you. We do not care if you “think you will be fine”, we understand that you know your body but it happens all too often that someone skips a meal and feels faint, faints, or becomes sick from the lack of energy a snack or meal can provide. Please do not skip this step.


If you decided to numb before your tattoo, please apply the numbing 1 HOUR before your appointment 

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