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Where I Am Located

My studio location is in Essex Junction, Vermont at 10 Pearl St Suite #


I do not have an hourly rate. I price per individual design.  My minimum price is $60

 So we can discuss your budget if you have a specific budget in mind!

Before You Book with me I would recommend taking a look at my policies and how I do things

Update: As of August 9, 20222 I will be taking deposits for projects that exceed the minimum.


Deposits will be priced according to your budget. For example:

  • $100-$200 tattoo requires $50 deposit

  • $200-$400 tattoo requires $100 deposit

  • $500+ tattoo requires $200 deposit

The reason for this update: While I do enjoy drawing regularly, I have had several instances of spending hours on a project artwork only to have a client withdraw and cancel or ghost the shop. I will no longer be offering free drawings for custom work.



What I Need to Know From You

  • Your budget

  • Your idea

  • When you are available to come in to the studio and what your schedule looks like

  • Any references to the work you are looking to get done

  • Your skin tone so we can find the best color palette to match your skin tone. Some colors will not show on certain skin tones but we can find an alternative that could look just as awesome <3

What You Need to Know


Please keep in mind that I am a solo artist and have to check all inquiries myself for the time being. If I cannot get back to you quickly- I apologize. I will do my very best to answer all inquiries in a timely fashion!

I am happy to help you with your tattoo ideas! But I have a few things I would ask you to consider before booking an appointment:

​The more creative control you allow me, the better your tattoo will come out. I aim to re-create your vision with my art. If you have a piece you specifically designed yourself, that's totally fine too!

For small tattoos- I can likely take you same day unless I have another appointment booked. For larger pieces- I recommend a consultation before jump into a tattoo.

I will not tattoo anyone under the age of 18 without parental consent.

Period. No exceptions.

If you are under 18 and do have permission, then you need to have your parent come with you to your appointment and you will both need to have proper identification- this means a birth certificate or ID cards with matching last names. There will be a separate section your guardian / parent will be required to sign. I will not tattoo under the age of 16- even with parental / guardian consent. This is a personal choice and I will not make exceptions. Thank you!

If Mask regulations change per Vermont's Guidelines- please respect them.

So please, keep this in mind before making your appointment. You may be required to wear a mask if indoor regulations change. If you are not vaccinated- I would appreciate it if you could please wear a mask to keep others safe.

Now that you have read through everything, let's get you booked!

Please allow 3-5 business days for a response on tattoo booking inquiries. Thank you! Please also remember to check your spam folder- as this may be where my reply comes through. It's been happening to several people so I wanted to make sure it's known here as well!

Book  an  Appointment

Please wait for a reply.

Once I respond we can discuss reference images! However, you can also include a link to one if you have one. 

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