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What forms of payment do you take?

I accept cards and cash.

Which form of payment do you prefer?

I always prefer cash, but I can always take cards if that's not available. 


How does pricing work at your shop? Do you charge hourly?

I do not charge hourly, I charge per the design.  I usually will base the price off of the sizing, however, something more complex will always raise the price. Something that has more details requires a more precise stencil, which can be a process, as well as tattooing it since more time will be required to tattoo in more detail. 

How do I get to your shop?

I am located next to McGuillicuddy's in the small brown house at 10 Pearl St. Make sure when you arrive- you are able to park in the back lot. The entrance is in the back on the right side. If you have trouble finding it, please let me know and I will help you find it!


Do I need to wear a mask?

At this time, if you are not vaccinated- I would appreciate it. If you are vaccinated, please make sure you let me know. If you are bringing someone with you, I ask that they please keep their mask on regardless of their vaccination status. If you forget to bring a mask- don't worry, 

I have extra disposable ones :)

Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?

Yes! I ask that you please respect mask regulations- if you are not vaccinated please wear a mask. Also, please do not bring more than 2 people with you. The studio space is small so it doesn't fit many people and it can get crowded in here quickly :)

What is the youngest you will tattoo?

With parental consent forms signed, as well as your parent coming to your appointment with you- 16 is the youngest I will tattoo. 


Do you offer piercings?
No I do not at this time.

Do you offer temporary tattoos?

Yes! I do! I offer them to people of all ages :) They cost significantly less and last 1-3 weeks! Please inquire if you are interested! I will need to know in advance if you want one so I can collect the materials. 

Do you tattoo people with darker skin tones?
Absolutely 100% I will tattoo you if you have dark skin. 

If you are worried about getting a color tattoo because you have a darker skin tone- please mention this concern to me and I will first schedule you for a color test at no cost. This means you come in, and we have you pick out some colors you like. Then, we do very small markings on your skin somewhere so we can see how well the colors you like show up and can assess from there.

What I would like to ask is to keep in mind that darker skin tones will not always display a bright color the way it looks in the bottle- but we can still achieve beautiful colors on your skin tone. I'll do my very best to  find a solution you are happy with ❤


Why isn't your Instagram and social media updated more often?

Over the years, social media and I developed a very unhealthy relationship. I've come a long way trying to get the anxiety it gives me under control. I do enjoy posting my work from time to time, but I do not do it very often because I just have some strong views on how damaging it can be to one's mental health, particularly mine. That being said, it is something I am still working on and am very much interested in keeping a social media presence. I just wish to take it all as modestly as possible :)

How many years have you been tattooing?

I've been tattooing since 2018!


Do you offer realistic tattoos?

Very specifically, I only tattoo gemstones that could be considered "stylized realistic", the occasional minimal detail stylized realism pet portrait, and on rare occasions, flowers but otherwise- no. I do not offer portraits or realism. I can do anime, kawaii, illustrative / cartoon style, American Traditional, Neo Traditional which is essentially stylized art nouveau. Realism is the only tattoo style I will not take on at this time. In the future, if I hire any other artists- I will make sure to post about it. 

Is there anything you will not tattoo?

I will not tattoo anything that is offensive to other folks. For example, any racist or offensive symbols or language will not be tolerated in my shop. I also try my very best to be respectful of cultural representation and symbols. If you have to ask me if it's disrespectful to get it tattooed- I would reconsider getting it tattooed. You can always inquire if you are wondering about being respectful with your body art! It matters <3

Are there any parts of the body you will not tattoo?

Right now, I am not comfortable tattooing faces, genitals, inner lip, top of the head or palms of feet / hands and ears.

Are there parts of the body you do not enjoy tattooing?

I think this question is specific to the client and their pain tolerance but yes. There are. You may not know you have a low or high pain tolerance, so if its your first tattoo I will always do a blank pass with the needle to make sure you think you can handle it. 

Parts of the body I will always advise you think twice and may charge a little more for are rib cage, sternum, top of the foot, ankle bone / achilleas, hand (including fingers) and the neck. These are areas that can be more painful, may not last (fingers) and also sometimes a bit more challenging to tattoo for many reasons. A lot of times people think they can handle it but your body will react to pain in certain areas out of your control such as jolting or squirming - which can result in wobbly lines. It happens more than people realize, even with folks who have a high pain tolerance. SO PLEASE PLEASE consider this before asking for a tattoo in any of the above areas.

Does it hurt a lot to get tattooed?

I wont lie to you- tattoos can be painful. But everyone's tolerance to pain is different. Some people feel absolutely nothing! Some people feel every poke of the needle. There's several things you can do to make this easier. This includes numbing (see next question for more details), chewing gum, stress balls or hard candy to crunch on. In the past- these solutions have been helpful for lots of clients I have tattooed. 

How does the numbing process work at your shop?

While I do offer a numbing agent, I will not give it to you if it is your first tattoo; the reason for this being that I believe everyone needs to know what it feels like the first time.  If you do prefer numbing solution before your appointment, please make it very clear in your inquiry. I always will recommend "Uber Numb" which is available for purchase on

Application is as follows:

**Please remember to have your numbing done an hour BEFORE your appointment**

1) wash the area which an antibacterial hand soap. Then while rinsing, try to make sure the water is as warm as  you can handle it and let the water run until the pores have opened a bit. Dry with a paper towel

2) Apply about 1/4" thickness of the numbing solution on the body part immediately after drying and wrap in saran wrap. 

3) Once you arrive to your appointment we can remove the numbing ointment and you should be good to go!

Are you looking for an apprentice or other employees?

Not at this time. 

Why didn't you post my tattoo on your page(s)?

I only will post tattoos on my page that have a certain aesthetic and if you scroll back up a little, I have a bit about my feelings towards social media. I am very particular about which tattoos I want to represent my tattoo style. Please don't take offense if I didn't post your tattoo, it's only because I have a specific aesthetic I wish to advertise.

These will be updated as more FAQs surface. If you have a question that was not answered here please feel free to ask!

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