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Hi, I'm Jen! I am a self-taught artist having originally started in realism.

I now work in a mixed realism-fantasy illustrative style. I love combining realistic and abstract elements in full color pieces and I love to work large!


I have always had a fascination with the human form and started creating pieces to be tattooed in my early 20s. I have created tattoo designs for clients all over the world and I am excited to finally be tattooing.


I am currently apprenticing but have been drawing professionally and working with clients for 18 years.

My work is displayed in galleries throughout the Burlington, VT area and I was named People's Choice Winner for SEABA's Art Hop 2023. I have won awards for my realism work since 2006.


As someone who grew up with a fear of needles and took many years to work through it, my hope is to provide clients with an opportunity to be comfortable and respected in the tattoo shop environment.

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